The benefits of home staging

When walking into a Toronto open house, most of us try to picture ourselves living there. We envision taking off our coats, lounging on the couch, watching TV and what it would be like to cook in the kitchen. If prospective home buyers have the ability to do this in your house, your chances of selling quickly are increased. People like to be able to visualize living in your Toronto home, but seeing it as theirs and not yours.

If your Toronto home is cluttered with toys, trinkets or other things that life brings us, home buyers often find it hard to see past this and visualize themselves in your Toronto real estate property. Many home owners choose to hire a staging company for any number of reasons. If a real estate property is on the market for a while, sellers may decide to change their tactics by getting their home staged.

Choosing to have your Toronto home staged professionally can save you time, effort and earn you more money by increasing your return on investment. Prospective home buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in your Toronto home. A stager’s job is to try to make your home appeal to everyone who walks through the door. Stagers usually choose gender-neutral colours and furnishings that help accentuate each room’s individual feature. They are usually professional designers who know how to maximize each room’s potential and making them bright and inviting. When your Toronto real estate property is on the market, it is not recommended to show it empty. An empty real estate property often feels smaller, colder and less inviting than one that is furnished or staged.

Home staging has gained vast amounts of popularity in the Toronto real estate market. Being able to walk into an open house and picturing yourself moving in gives the seller a great advantage to help their property make moves on the market.

The home stager that I use, Posh Decor, has this philosophy:

“Sell your home for the best price and in the quickest time by enticing potential buyers, showing your home’s best features and making it feel spacious and inviting.”

Sometimes when we have been living in our Toronto home for too long, we can get attached to things we think add character or look nice, but this may not always be the truth. By using a stager, they bring in their own equipment, furniture and supplies to make your home into a show home.

A finance poll from AOL Money stated,

“87% of people said that home presentation makes a difference in most sales.”

Staging can add great value to your real estate property and is a better alternative to price reduction.

Anil Khera

Your Toronto Real Estate Agent