Adding Value to Your Home for Sale in Toronto

If you are looking to add some great resale value to a home for sale in Toronto, updating and improving the look and feel of your property can do wonders. There are the obvious cosmetic touches you can add such as painting walls, cleaning, de-cluttering and sprucing up the curb appeal but the impact and pay off sellers receive when it comes to renovations such as kitchen, bathroom and basement upgrades on their Toronto real estate is worth every penny.

Before you undertake any serious renovations on your Toronto home, it is worth investigating which room will provide you with the best return on your investment. You also need to consider what the public prefers when it comes to style and taste and keep your upgrades within the interest of the general public.

Certain rooms of your home such as bedrooms and living areas can be quickly and effectively updated by applying some paint to give it a fresh look and feel. However if you are looking to invest a little bit of money, there are two rooms that people always expect to have updated and be move in ready. Kitchens and washrooms are the most important rooms in the house to target. Painting kitchen cabinets a lighter shade or adding new hardware can create a nice facelift. Clearing everyday items from the counter and de-cluttering the kitchen, including inside the cabinets, add an air of professionalism that prospective home buyers in Toronto will appreciate. Another idea would be to add some new appliances that compliment and update the kitchen’s look and feel that you could potentially offer to include with the house for sale. Prospective buyers love to see homes for sale in Toronto that are loved and cared for, but also one that they can visualize making their own. Removing an abundance of personal photographs will help buyers picture it as their own.

People associate bathrooms with a clean, rejuvenating feeling. Making sure every washroom in the house is spotless, albeit obvious, is something that must be presented. Most prospective Toronto buyers love to see homes for sale that are move in ready and if they don’t need to put in extra work upfront, they are likely going to be more confident in the buying process. Investing into a new fitted bath or low flow upgraded toilet, and changing the mirror and light fixtures are a few inexpensive but highly effective touches you could add to improve your home. Again, de-cluttering and even changing the shower curtain could perhaps give your bathroom a facelift!

If you are wanting to go above and beyond, finishing off or updating the basement of your home will add more value. Prospective buyers will either appreciate the added value of more living space or especially to see the potential of renting out the space for future investment. Whatever upgrade you decide to do to your home for sale in Toronto, remember that buyers will appreciate all the hard work you put in and your offer should reflect that.

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Anil Khera