Newcomers to Toronto

One of the most important things you can do before relocating to Toronto is to get in contact with a Toronto Real Estate Agent to help you find your new Toronto home. Although your selling agent in the Canadian city you are moving from could theoretically help you with buying your Toronto home as well, it is much more beneficial to put your trust in a Toronto Real Estate Agent who has the right contacts, knows the city and neighbourhoods thoroughly and can help secure you the best deal.

Owning your own home is always a comforting feeling. It will give you a better sense of belonging in Toronto and help you feel more settled in your new city. Real estate has traditionally been a great investment in Toronto and the GTA continues to expand and become more populated, making it quite a desirable city for investing in home ownership.

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. Along with moving to a new city, the stress of buying a home at the same time can seem overwhelming. Buying a Toronto home without proper planning in NOT recommended. First you will need to determine and prioritize important factors in selecting a Toronto area in terms of children’s schools, your place of work, distance to amenities and a neighbourhood to suit your lifestyle.

Toronto is known as the city of many neighbourhoods, so it is very important to know what type of area you are after and where you can fit yourself in.

A Toronto Agent will help you choose your neighbourhood based on your search criteria and lifestyle wants and needs and find a home that suits your requirements.

As your Toronto Real Estate Agent, I will happily guide you around Toronto and show you what the preferred neighbourhoods have to offer. Whether you are moving from another Ontario city, another province or another country, I can recommend a great hotel near your choice area so you can experience the neighbourhood firsthand, while you are in town looking for your new Toronto home.

If you cannot make the trip to Toronto in person, but are familiar with the city and have settled on a neighbourhood, I can help you find your new Toronto home through the Internet by sending you links to virtual tours and photos of homes based on your search criteria.

Let me, your Toronto Real Estate Agent, help you ease the pressure of moving to a new city (or country) by doing the legwork to getting you a home you are happy to settle into.

Anil Khera

Your Toronto Real Estate Agent