The Beauty of Boutique Condo Living

With the eruption of a mass number of high rise condos for sale in Toronto, unique boutique-style walk-ups are becoming more and more desirable options for homes.

It’s no surprise that because we seem to be more anti-social in this digital media age, people are shying away from typical (perhaps impersonal) high rise condo living and are wanting more of a community feel, character and atmosphere.


By my definition, as a Toronto real estate agent in Toronto, a “boutique” condo is a low-rise condo, often consisting of no more than fifty units (sometimes much fewer) and has some nice old-world charm.


High rise condos predominantly attract young people wanting to live in Toronto’s core or – like the convenience of walking to work, shopping and nightlife. And while there are many beautiful high rise options to choose from downtown, it seems more people are discovering the unique-ness of boutique style walk-ups. As a Toronto Real Estate Agent, I get many requests to view these boutique units for sale and once they come on the market – they’re hot property. Builders often try to replicate these types of units, but there’s nothing quite like authentic 100 year old brick and beam living.


George Popper, principal of Urban Fabric Development said of their new development for sale in Leslieville, “We’re filling an important niche for people who want something different that still has the look and feel of a house, but is less expensive and everything is brand new.”


Torontonians have always taken pride in the culture of our city and historical buildings, so when some of the old warehouses and loft spaces started being converted into low rise condos over the years, they’ve been scooped up very quickly. Toronto buyers seem to be lining up in droves. The attraction is the smaller community feel of a 3-6 story and that seems to be precisely what many people are looking for these days, to feel like they are not pigeon-holed or just a number lost amongst a multitude of 100’s of units and home buyers love the fact they can get outside quickly and easily. Residents can easily travel on foot and some of the boutique units come equipped with gyms and common rooms as well.


Lastly, a huge benefit of boutique condos is the fees are often lower because there aren’t pools, concierge services, and other amenities for which you pay but may not use to maintain, which gives residents more time and money to visit their favourite restaurants and shops nearby.


Your Toronto Real Estate Agent


Anil Khera