The Beauty of Boutique Condo Living

With the eruption of a mass number of high rise condos for sale in Toronto, unique boutique-style walk-ups are becoming more and more desirable options for homes.

It’s no surprise that because we seem to be more anti-social in this digital media age, people are shying away from typical (perhaps impersonal) high rise condo living and are wanting more of a community feel, character and atmosphere.


By my definition, as a Toronto real estate agent in Toronto, a “boutique” condo is a low-rise condo, often consisting of no more than fifty units (sometimes much fewer) and has some nice old-world charm.

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Newcomers to Toronto

One of the most important things you can do before relocating to Toronto is to get in contact with a Toronto Real Estate Agent to help you find your new Toronto home. Although your selling agent in the Canadian city you are moving from could theoretically help you with buying your Toronto home as well, it is much more beneficial to put your trust in a Toronto Real Estate Agent who has the right contacts, knows the city and neighbourhoods thoroughly and can help secure you the best deal.

Owning your own home is always a comforting feeling. It will give you a better sense of belonging in Toronto and help you feel more settled in your new city. Real estate has traditionally been a great investment in Toronto and the GTA continues to expand and become more populated, making it quite a desirable city for investing in home ownership.

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Adding Value to Your Home for Sale in Toronto

If you are looking to add some great resale value to a home for sale in Toronto, updating and improving the look and feel of your property can do wonders. There are the obvious cosmetic touches you can add such as painting walls, cleaning, de-cluttering and sprucing up the curb appeal but the impact and pay off sellers receive when it comes to renovations such as kitchen, bathroom and basement upgrades on their Toronto real estate is worth every penny.

Before you undertake any serious renovations on your Toronto home, it is worth investigating which room will provide you with the best return on your investment. You also need to consider what the public prefers when it comes to style and taste and keep your upgrades within the interest of the general public.

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How To Deal With Multiple Offers

When housing is scarce and certain neighbourhoods are highly sought after, receiving multiple offers (when a home has more than one registered offer) on your Toronto home is quite common.

With the popularity of condos being built in Toronto, detached and semi-detached houses are becoming more sought after because of their scarcity in the Toronto core neighbourhoods. The price and availability of houses for sale in the Toronto real estate market indicates an increasing seller’s market.

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Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

For most people, a real estate transaction is the biggest investment they will ever experience. That being said, choosing to work without a real estate agent can be a long and daunting process to take on, littered with details and nuances that the average homeowner or homebuyer will not be aware of.

Whether buying or selling your home in Toronto, using a real estate agent will help give you peace of mind that you will be getting the best return for your investment.

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Core values of Royal LePage Toronto

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, we at Royal LePage Toronto are here to help. With our expert advice and our vast knowledge in the Toronto real estate market, you can rest assured we will provide you with relevant and helpful advice to meet your real estate goals.

Royal LePage prides itself on being a company based on professionalism, principled conduct and the highest moral and ethical standards. Since its inception in 1913, Toronto real estate agent Albert LePage made it his committed duty to assist people in selling their homes.

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For Torontonians looking for a steady and continual return on their investment, buying a real estate property is a safe bet. During the frenetic days of the 80’s, baby boomers started buying houses in a frenzy, driving the Toronto real estate market and markets around the world to new heights. This housing boom created almost instant wealth for home owners and investors alike. While real estate is a relatively safe investment, it does fluctuate constantly. There are times when the real estate market has declined. However, if you consider the average price of homes in Toronto and the surrounding areas in the past ten years, you’ll find that real estate prices have risen significantly.

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Make your house stand out in the spring Toronto real estate market

Picture yourself with multiple offers on your property during this hectic time for Toronto real estate. Would you feel more at ease if you could relax about the concerns that are undoubtedly going through your mind right before this big sell?

With the busy real estate market in Toronto, it is crucial to make your home as appealing as possible, so it will both memorable and desirable to potential buyers.

I’m sure you have heard of the term “curb appeal”. It is the first impression potential buyers have when they come to look at your property. As we all know, first impressions are vital and I know what it takes to not only get your home looking great but to help keep you feeling positive through this emotional process. I am more than just your Toronto real estate agent; I will be with you, every step along the way. Continue reading

The benefits of home staging

When walking into a Toronto open house, most of us try to picture ourselves living there. We envision taking off our coats, lounging on the couch, watching TV and what it would be like to cook in the kitchen. If prospective home buyers have the ability to do this in your house, your chances of selling quickly are increased. People like to be able to visualize living in your Toronto home, but seeing it as theirs and not yours.

If your Toronto home is cluttered with toys, trinkets or other things that life brings us, home buyers often find it hard to see past this and visualize themselves in your Toronto real estate property. Many home owners choose to hire a staging company for any number of reasons. If a real estate property is on the market for a while, sellers may decide to change their tactics by getting their home staged.

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Upgrading and downsizing your home

Homeowners on average will own approximately five different real estate properties in their lifetime. Moving is usually due to a change in life circumstances, thus it is not surprising that the type of Toronto homes we own follow our differing life cycles. Historically, first time buyers entered the market with little money in the bank and a smaller down payment. Because of the real estate prices in Toronto, many first time buyers are entering the market by purchasing condos.

There are many different reasons why people want to make the switch from renting to buying and getting on the property ladder for the sake of paying yourself rent is a big one.

Having proper knowledge of neighbourhoods in Toronto is very important to know where your life stage fits in and where to buy accordingly. For example if you are looking to buy your first home, you may want to start out with a condo or something with relatively low maintenance issues (though there are fees, of course), surrounded by other first time buyers. As a renter, you may be used to having your landlord fix any housing issues. Many people new to homeownership find the assurance of condo fees in the event anything goes wrong a nice ease into owning in the Toronto real estate market. You should always check to see what is covered by the monthly fees as it varies from building to building.

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